Monday, January 30, 2012

Max Tuck Holster Review

I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival…and now I know…this will be the last IWB (inside the waist band) holster I will ever buy!
I couldn't wait to get this thing on! Just to show you how little this holster will print (print=the outline of a pistol as seen through clothing), I slaped it on under a worn out Haines T-shirt.
You can't see a thing, and this is me holding my hands up in the air!
The quality is outstanding! You can choose between horse or cow hide, and when it comes to the Kydex, they have prints available. You can choose the Bill of Rights, different colors, “Don’t Tread on Me”, and even purple and pink tiger stripes to go with your tactical thong!

I like the wide leather backing, almost twice as wide as others I’ve seen. This disperses the weight of the pistol over a wider area making it more comfortable and less noticeable. You can also request a “combat cut” which allows you to easily get your whole hand around the grip before presentation. This way you don’t have to readjust before taking aim.

They’re made in Texas by hand, and like a good cheeseburger, are cooked to order. It took several weeks for mine to arrive here in NC, but I was constantly updated via email on their progress. It was well worth the wait!

Most of us "White collar" guys don't have the pleasure of wearing outer garments that don't tuck in our pants. We must abide by the "business-code" and look professional and presentable. So, how do you conceal in your business and/or church attire? Enter the Max Tuck!

Check out the crushed linen shirt homie!

It fits both of my Bersa 380's perfectly. Retention is a little tight, but I expect this in a new holster, especially because it's not broken in. However, White Hat has included instructions on how to adjust the retention if desired...these guys have thought of everything!

Your purchase comes with 2 warranties. The first is a 2 week “try it, like it” warranty. If for any reason you don’t like the holster, and White Hat can’t remedy the problem, they’ll refund your money! You also get a lifetime warranty against breakage as long as the holster is used normally. Again, a lot of bang for your buck! Prices vary, mine was roughly 69.00$ shipped, and varies based on the options you choose. Head over to their website,, and start building your custom holster today!

Disclaimer for my employer: Never do I carry, present, or have on our premises at any time any firearm of any sort. My fellow employees and customers are far better armed than I will ever hope to be, and I feel 100% safe in our work enviroment making concealed carry not needed.

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