Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fall from Grace, on TWO levels

I haven’t been following the Megaupload ordeal that’s been all in the press recently. His name is Kim Schmitz, aka, Kim Dotcom.

He figured out a way to create a new “Napster”…and he just got busted in a big way. Through some international commerce law, they just raided this dude’s ball’n-ass mansion in New Zealand, and tossed him in jail pending an investigation etc.
So…why should any of this matter to you? After all, If your browsing this site your probably into guns, jeeps, the outdoors, videogames, violent rap music and a whole host of other testosterone heavy hobbies. Well…I’ll tell you why this guy might just matter a teeny-tiny-bit…cause this cat held the #1 spot on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
That’s right, in between buying yachts, mansions, and running a pirated music and video empire…he was a hardcore gamer and obviously poured countless hours into his craft. He had almost 182,000 kills, same as the current estimated population of Salt Lake City Utah, with a kill/death ratio of 2.10. He performed the feat not long after the game release last year, under the gamertag MEGARACER,  and even held a party to commemorate the event. He didn’t cheat or hack the system either, Xbox live confirmed it.
Here's the vid he shot to verify the win, dude's living room is off the hook!

No doubt, he’s a criminal who’s made a fortune from stealing copyrighted material. But he did hold the top spot in CODMW3…and that earns him a little street cred far as I’m concerned. I've paid my dues on more first person shooters than I care to admit, but i'm no where near this guys level.
Life must be really sucking for Kim Dotcom now. After holding the title longer than anyone else, he just lost it to a player named Arazos. Seems like they don't have Xbox in jail...and he can't keep his game up...bummer

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