Monday, January 30, 2012

Never Talk To Police

If you only take one tid-bit of knowledge from this website…let it be this. NEVER TALK TO POLICE UNLESS YOU HAVE COUNCIL PRESENT!
We all know the phrase from the Miranda rights, “anything you say can and will be used against you”. But did you know that anything you say in your defense cannot be used to help you! That’s right…it’s called hearsay.
Now don’t misunderstand. I have no problem with law enforcement officers. Many of them are my friends. They have the toughest job on the planet and they absolutely deserve your respect. So, be respective, don’t resist arrest and be compliant…just keep your yap shut if your under arrest and being interrogated.
And yes, I have a BS in Criminal Justice from a major accredited school. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a video from a law professor as well as a police officer…that’s right, a police officer, on why you should keep your trap shut!
Warning: The video is almost 49 mins long...but very entertaining and full of gobs of knowledge. A must see for any american citizen of any age, from any background, especially if you carry and may have to use deadly force.

One of my previous pistol instructors, a retired police officer as well as a pistol instructor for Black Water Inc. had the following happen. We'll call him Joe Law as I don't have his permission to recant his personal story and/or experience.
-On a routine traffic stop, he had to use deadly force. The suspect drew down on him, plenty of witnesses present, dash cam running, broad daylight...clear cut case of self defense. It would have ended in a firm handshake, a couple days leave to chill and get over the stress of just taking another human beings life, and then back to work. But during the post incident interview, he said "I wish i wouldn't have had to shoot the guy".

-What he meant was the suspect gave him no other choice but to use deadly force...this is the standard courts ad juries use to see if deadly force was justified right?!?

-The investigative body took it as Joe Law had a choice as to wether or not to use deadly force. They took it as Joe Law feeling guilty about his decision to shoot. They decided to do a full blown investigation, he was put on paid leave...and for a fear of his job.

-He even told me, as a police officer being interviewed by other police officers that he worked with everyday...if your under investigation...for anything....regardless of if your an officer or citizen...never ever talk to the police!

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