Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's time to WHEEL!!!

In an attempt to post content daily, I'm going to pause till Monday. This weekend is special and I have to prepare. For over 10 years now, a select few and myself camp in freezing temperatures in the North Carolina foothills. Its become known as "The freeze your balls off" run. It largely consists of wheeling the most difficult trails at Uwharrie national forest, shooting at the provided range, and some years...tring not to freeze to death! It's the realist of the real. I have to install a starter, repair some rock lights, pack tools and parts, and generally prepare for the worst...so i'll leave you with this bit of trivia to ponder, and a hint of whats to come.

With the recession and tense political climate going on...I've become interested with the similarities and differences as compared with the great depression. Often times, pictures would show up of people with their pockets turned in-side-out. Almost as if they were trying to express something.

Hoover was president at the time. The little shanty towns that sprung up from coast to coast were called Hoovervilles. The cars being towed by horses because their owners couldn't afford fuel were called Hoovercars. And the depressed people who had nothing left to loose would turn their pockets inside out...they were called Hooverflags. Some historians thought it was simply a way for the common populace to protest their current conditions. Others say it was to prevent the person from being mugged or robbed, by pulling out your pockets, you were indicating that you had nothing to steal. I believe it was an outright cry reserved for the most destitute. And I never want myself or my family to know that feeling.

Regardless, it gave me a idea to write about...and for you the reader, an operuntinity to learn a valuable skill...how to make fire. This weekend, I'll attempt to make fire with no tools what-so-ever...not even a knife...in close to freezing temperatures. I'll literally walk into the woods with nothing in my pockets, just clothes and shoes, and start a fire!

Stay tuned, we're just getting started!

Monday, December 5, 2011

11 supercars totaled in seconds

Appears a club of high-end super car owners decided to go for a sunday drive in Japan. When one of them attempted a lane change (no doubt at highspeed), it started a pile-up.

Here are several pics and a link to the article on MSNBC

Could you imagine rolling up on this shortly afterward...or actually seeing it take place...the pics are heartbreaking enough.

Heres a link to the story over on MSNBC

The Japanese Traffic Spokesperson that was interviewed said, "It was a gathering of narcissists"

You my friend are a hater. If you've got stupid money and want to ball out in badass cars, I support you. Come pick me up...I've always wanted to do donuts in a Lambo with the doors open, while standing on the roof shooting two pistols! GHOST RIDE THE WHIP!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rapping while making Pancakes

This guy is putting it down!

I like at the end when he says "winter's hard...so have some pancakes!"

Thanks Chuck for finding this!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Bear Grylls Survival Kit...Really?

What I've always wanted...a survival kit put toegether by a tv host who "survives" while having an entire production team follow him. You know, the kind of survival kit that cost 25 dollars, but will prevent me from having to drink my own piss and jump buck naked into freezing water!

I can only hope to get one in my stocking!

Seriously...I have nothing against Bear Grylls. He's getting paid no doubt, especially if he's in the marketing/endorsment game. And I respect that, especially when you get a company like Gerber to back you (the knife company you idiots...not the baby food company). But on the other hand...his show seriously sucks! Call me a "no money having" hater, I'll agree with you.

At least I keep it real.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 Essential items for your bugout bag

Ahh…the Bug Out Bag…packed and prepped for when you inevitably have to bug out. Some call it a GOOD bag (Get Out Of Dodge) and FEMA calls it a 72hr kit. Composed of everything a citizen should need to survive for 72 hours in the event aid cannot be provided by emergency personnel. Whether you’re the idiot with a 100lb ruck sack filled with soda, sandwiches, and asthma medicine or the high speed low drag operator who operates in operations with just a fanny sack full of band-aids…here are 2 essential items everyone should have in their emergency grab kit.

Current photos of loved ones

Important Documentation

Let’s be practical. I know…I know…when the zombie apocalypse happens, neither of the above will be important. So let us discuss natural events everyone can wrap their head around, and of minimal magnitude…like an earthquake.

Its 3:30 pm on a random Tuesday, earthquake hits where you live. Maybe a 5.0 on the Richter scale. Several fissures have broken out on the main streets throughout town. Instantly all landline phones are down, cell phones can’t call or text because of the influx of traffic and/or the repeater towers are damaged. Internet will be spotty. Even if your electricity is on, within moments the power company will turn it off to prevent fires. Your car is worthless; from your office/job/station you can see gridlocked traffic and people sitting frustrated waiting in panic.

You may have to walk to reunite with your loved ones at their school or job. What if you find they’re not there? What if you find your home damaged and your dog missing?

This is when you whip out those pictures. And current ones, I can’t stress this enough! No one is going to recognize your wife from a 20 yr old photo you have of her in high school. Showing a photo of a family member or pet animal to a stranger, police officer, etc. may be to only way to track down a loved one in a post disaster situation.

The documents you should make copies of include titles to cars, property deeds, licenses, permits, all of your credit card and mortgage documents…any piece of paper that ties you to your belongings. To take it a step further, shrink’em down so several will fit on one page. I’ve known people to put them on a flash drive as well. This is ok, but have paper copies in reserve. No electricity=no working computers=flash drive is useless.

The situation may arise where you have to prove that you’re a property owner before law enforcement will let you into your neighborhood. Just ask any beach property owner…they have to present documentation before they can get to their homes after a hurricane.
Speaking of Homes, heaven forbid you lose yours in a disaster, and your copy of the homeowner’s policy. What if the insurance office was destroyed in the same disaster? Or most likely…the server that contains your digital copy and records of all your “on-line” payments goes “off-line” permanently. Do you really think your insurance company is going to pay out a settlement to you…and they have no record of you ever having a policy other than your word? Sure, maybe after things calm down, you can take them to court right? How long will that take…and where will you live in the meantime? Is this scenario that farfetched and impossible?

I carry a copy of my marriage license…it’s the only way I can prove that the beautiful lady hugging on the stick figure in my photos is actually my wife.

Current photos of loved ones….copies of important documentation….I keep mine in my wallet.