Friday, February 23, 2018

florida school shooting

wow...again, I'm speechless. Innocent students gunned down while they were at school. Makes you wonder and contemplate gun control. For me as a parent, the thought is frightening...

Does my right to own an assault rifle trump children's rights to be safe in schools?

And yes, it is an assault rifle...say what you want. It was designed for nation states to battle other nation states on a battle field. It was never designed for civilians, so is an assault rifle. The sooner we "gun nuts" start describing it for what it is, the more likely the gun control people will take us seriously.

Again, whose right is more important? Or is it not an issue of individual rights...maybe it's an issue of ideals?

I'm not advocating one side or the other...not yet...but I must admit, my mind is heavy with this issue facing our nation and citizens...and especially our children.

I look at my assault rifles and begin to think:
-do I really need these?
-what type of self defense situation would I find my self in where this would be the correct tool for the job?
-when's the last time I actually shot them? They're not my "go to" guns for plinking or long range marksmanship.

But then I begin to ponder:
-why should I punish myself and others by banning an object when the real issue is mental health?
-as a parent, should I help abolish a fundamental right to possess these weapons? How would my son feel about me making decisions for his future and the ownership of these weapons before he's able to make the same decisions for himself?

Just some things to thing is for certain on this earth...change is inevitable, and I can feel a change coming...

I feel deeply for the parents. I can't even begin to imagine how they feel.

When we become mothers and fathers, we also take on the role of security guards by default. And my son is protected, believe me. For example, when out and about town, both my wife and son know to walk on my left side, about one pace behind, so should the need arise, I can draw my handgun from my right side, and push them behind me with my left arm. It's not anything we've actually practiced, it's just a natural thing. What I'm getting at is...I can protect my child, anywhere at anytime...unless...he's at school.

When he's at school he's defenseless...and that bother's me deeply. I consider myself to be pretty intelligent and an excellent problem solver...but for this, I have no answer...