Saturday, November 17, 2012


Because hurricanes don't care where you live or how much money you have. And FEMA sucks...

FEMA gave each individual needing assistance 5 bottles of water, and 3 MREs per day...and this was 4 days after hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on the northeast. Absolute desperation ensued, however, looting and violence was minimal...could have been much, much worse.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romainian 1969 trainer rifle restoration

I picked up this little Romanian training rifle for less than 100 bucks. Its beat up pretty bad, but the bore is in excellent condition and it's a real tack driver at the range. I'm torn as to what to do with it.
Alot of good collectible guns have been ruined by someone trying to "clean" it up. When someone buys an old gun, especially a military one, they want a little dirt and rust. However, these guns have flooded the country, are plentiful, and don't obviously hold much value as I just bought this one for less than a bill. So a full on restoration should be in order...but one thing is stopping me...the availability of parts.

If I'm going to invest the time in refinishing, reblueing, polishing etc., I'm gonna shoot the crap out of it afterwards for years to come...hard to do when parts wear out and you can't find replacements.

So that said, I'm just gonna do a proper "cleaning" job to remove rust and preserve the rifle as part of my collection.

-These are the problem areas
-Notice the rust around the bolt handle, trigger and trigger guard. It's not heavy but its consistent all over the rifle. I wouldn't say the gun was neglected, just used as a cheap 22. It most likely stayed in the corner of someones house, they would grab it for pest control around the yard, then back in the corner it went.
-more rust again and couple dings in the stock
-yes...there is rust all over this thing
-crappy photo, but the bore is spotless and the crown is in very good shape as well
-look at all the "fuzz" inside of the front sight hood...that's dust...lots of it, again, this baby was no doubt leaned up in somebody's corner for the last 10-15 years.

Now it's very important to remember this: when cleaning up an old weapon for collecting/resale, upon completion, no one should be able to tell that it was touched. So for this little project we're gonna start with a process called electrolysis, stay-tuned for the setup and instructions on how to build your own.

Monday, September 3, 2012

My Son Is Here

My son was born August 30th 2012!

A little early no doubt....5 weeks early. The play by play goes like this:

· 1:45pm, Routine doctor’s/ultrasound appointment. No big deal, just another appointment right? It was revealed that the umbilical cord wasn't providing enough nourishment to our little man. What he was receiving was being distributed to his brain and heart, little if any was making him fat, long, and strong.

· est 2:15, Doctor informs us that we're doing this now! I was like "Ok, like Friday or next week?". She replied..."No, like right now. I need you to get in your car and drive over to the hospital. We already have a bed in pre-op ready, I’ll be grabbing a few things myself and meet you there!"

· est 2:15:30, Wife breaks down into a puddle of jello and tears. My fight or flight kicks in...and dammit it's time to fight!

· 2:30, We arrive at the front door and are ushered back directly to pre-op. When asked if I had a camera, I answered no. I was granted a 20-25 min window to retrieve one as well as our "baby on the way bug-out-bag"

· 2:32, Civic SI is in the wind. All available horses are firmly planted to the ground, hazards turned on, 7,000 rpm shifts, speeds only limited by wind resistance!

· 2:39, Burst in through the front door of our house. Baby bug out bag, CHECK. Camera and extra batteries CHECK. Pillows, extra bra-socks-pajamas, CHECK...then my phone rings....random number...."Hello?"..."Mark?...Where are you?" (Being tactical and specific to mission data...and mainly confused and pumped on adrenaline) I replied "I'm in the living room!"..."We need you here NOW!" the voice said. I checked my watch, it had only been approximately 9 mins, something was wrong, it's go time!

· 2:40, standing in the drive way I decided that the Civic wasn’t fast enough, I went back in and grabbed the keys to the WRX. Ignition on, engine start, CHECK. Traction control off, CHECK. Hazards on, power robbing A/C off, CHECK. Pocket content confirmation...what/ wallet, no flash light, no knife, no ID, no VIP parking pass...just one loaded pistol in a IWB holster that I had forgotten to remove in the house…F&#K IT, IT’S GO TIME.

· 2:41, LAUNCHED, 300hp unleashed on the street, speedlimts were hints, and no passing zones were mere suggestions

· 2:57, slid sideways into a parking spot. Blue smoke rolling out of the hood, smelled like clutch. No time to check for fire. Chirp-Chirp, doors are locked, lets roll.

· 2:58est, the anesthesiologist was at the front door waiting. “Drop your bags and put on this gown, mask, and cap…we got to go now!” she said. I followed her instructions and we sprinted down the hallway. She flashed her badge at an unmarked door and the hallways turned to bleached white tiles…we were in the bowels of the OR department.

· 3:01, she threw her shoulder into another unmarked door (so she wouldn’t compromise her sanitized hands) and I followed. 15-18 people were in the room, fully clad in OR scrubs and wearing full face masks, in the center of the room was my wife on the operating table. “LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” I exclaimed as everyone applauded.

I can’t begin to praise our OBGYN enough. This woman had been by our side since January when we found out we were pregnant. She was vigorously cutting her way into my wife’s stomach, and in an attempt to either put me at ease, or show me how bad-ass she really is, occasionally she would twirl her scissors like a cowboy holstering his colt revolver. I reassured my wife everything was ok during the process. Modern medicine and anesthesia is amazing, numb from the chest down, she couldn’t feel a thing. The curtain was there so she couldn’t see most of her guts still attached and laying on tray beside her. Unbelievable I was completely calm, and to reassure myself, I held up my hand to check for shaking, none found, all good.

During the operation on my wife, the doctor, and myself discussed how BMW had recently ruined the M3 by installing unresponsive electric power steering. Then we discussed her recent move to a Honda Fit. We even educated the rest of the room on the difference in gear ratios between a 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions. My wife weighing in that we’ll always be a family whose cars have clutches. Then mid sentence, the doctor stopped and said “Ready…HERE WE GO!”

And just like you peel back couch cushions to look for your keys, she opened up my wife’s midsection with Hulk-like strength and snatched my son from her insides! They laid him on a nearby table for me to see. He was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It was like looking through a telescope the wrong way into a mirror. He has almost all my features and face structure…a virtual mini-me.

·         3:09 Willie T blessed us with his presence. Planet earth will never be the same again

And that’s how it happened. We weren’t ready…but we were prepared. We were weak, but we fought the good fight and won. We didn’t have the tools or training we needed, but we adapted and overcome. In less than two hours, we were parents. We’re a family now

All we need now is for him to be strong, smart, and healthy. All he needs/wants now…well…is titties.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where have I been?'s been almost 2 and 1/2 months since my last post. I'm sure ya'll think I've been quite's the opposite! Since I've been away I've completed the following:

1) Full on axle swap in rear, dana 35 donated to the local community college, in goes a Chrysler 8.25 with rebuilt leafs, new poly bushings, new exhaust, brake lines etc.

2) Its been almost 45 days since I've had any type of nicotine what so ever! Thats right, I quit smoking cold turkey!

3) Bady D and I completed a 30+ mile hike in just under 3 days with minimal equipment.

4) I've taken an AK-47 down to bare metal and sucessfully performed a "cold blue" finish on the weapon.

and now the bomb shell....

5) I'm going to be a father! Our due date is October 4th!

So yea...I've been pretty busy. All of the awesome projects...and I didn't take any pics so I could create posts and write-ups...I'm kicking my self as I type. I promise I'll due better!

Before I wanted to post daily...obviously thats not gonna happen. My goal is to post once a week, most likely on the weekend. I truely appreciate those who have continued to stop by my page, and I'll do my best to continue to post new content. However, with a baby on the way, priorites have changed. But who knows, maybe I'll build a tactical stroller with flashbang lauchers and a panic/silent GPS locater!

Here is a pic from our hike. This was on day 3, the top of dark mountian I believe. Sophie and I taking in the view!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Never Talk To Police

If you only take one tid-bit of knowledge from this website…let it be this. NEVER TALK TO POLICE UNLESS YOU HAVE COUNCIL PRESENT!
We all know the phrase from the Miranda rights, “anything you say can and will be used against you”. But did you know that anything you say in your defense cannot be used to help you! That’s right…it’s called hearsay.
Now don’t misunderstand. I have no problem with law enforcement officers. Many of them are my friends. They have the toughest job on the planet and they absolutely deserve your respect. So, be respective, don’t resist arrest and be compliant…just keep your yap shut if your under arrest and being interrogated.
And yes, I have a BS in Criminal Justice from a major accredited school. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a video from a law professor as well as a police officer…that’s right, a police officer, on why you should keep your trap shut!
Warning: The video is almost 49 mins long...but very entertaining and full of gobs of knowledge. A must see for any american citizen of any age, from any background, especially if you carry and may have to use deadly force.

One of my previous pistol instructors, a retired police officer as well as a pistol instructor for Black Water Inc. had the following happen. We'll call him Joe Law as I don't have his permission to recant his personal story and/or experience.
-On a routine traffic stop, he had to use deadly force. The suspect drew down on him, plenty of witnesses present, dash cam running, broad daylight...clear cut case of self defense. It would have ended in a firm handshake, a couple days leave to chill and get over the stress of just taking another human beings life, and then back to work. But during the post incident interview, he said "I wish i wouldn't have had to shoot the guy".

-What he meant was the suspect gave him no other choice but to use deadly force...this is the standard courts ad juries use to see if deadly force was justified right?!?

-The investigative body took it as Joe Law had a choice as to wether or not to use deadly force. They took it as Joe Law feeling guilty about his decision to shoot. They decided to do a full blown investigation, he was put on paid leave...and for a fear of his job.

-He even told me, as a police officer being interviewed by other police officers that he worked with everyday...if your under investigation...for anything....regardless of if your an officer or citizen...never ever talk to the police!

Max Tuck Holster Review

I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival…and now I know…this will be the last IWB (inside the waist band) holster I will ever buy!
I couldn't wait to get this thing on! Just to show you how little this holster will print (print=the outline of a pistol as seen through clothing), I slaped it on under a worn out Haines T-shirt.
You can't see a thing, and this is me holding my hands up in the air!
The quality is outstanding! You can choose between horse or cow hide, and when it comes to the Kydex, they have prints available. You can choose the Bill of Rights, different colors, “Don’t Tread on Me”, and even purple and pink tiger stripes to go with your tactical thong!

I like the wide leather backing, almost twice as wide as others I’ve seen. This disperses the weight of the pistol over a wider area making it more comfortable and less noticeable. You can also request a “combat cut” which allows you to easily get your whole hand around the grip before presentation. This way you don’t have to readjust before taking aim.

They’re made in Texas by hand, and like a good cheeseburger, are cooked to order. It took several weeks for mine to arrive here in NC, but I was constantly updated via email on their progress. It was well worth the wait!

Most of us "White collar" guys don't have the pleasure of wearing outer garments that don't tuck in our pants. We must abide by the "business-code" and look professional and presentable. So, how do you conceal in your business and/or church attire? Enter the Max Tuck!

Check out the crushed linen shirt homie!

It fits both of my Bersa 380's perfectly. Retention is a little tight, but I expect this in a new holster, especially because it's not broken in. However, White Hat has included instructions on how to adjust the retention if desired...these guys have thought of everything!

Your purchase comes with 2 warranties. The first is a 2 week “try it, like it” warranty. If for any reason you don’t like the holster, and White Hat can’t remedy the problem, they’ll refund your money! You also get a lifetime warranty against breakage as long as the holster is used normally. Again, a lot of bang for your buck! Prices vary, mine was roughly 69.00$ shipped, and varies based on the options you choose. Head over to their website,, and start building your custom holster today!

Disclaimer for my employer: Never do I carry, present, or have on our premises at any time any firearm of any sort. My fellow employees and customers are far better armed than I will ever hope to be, and I feel 100% safe in our work enviroment making concealed carry not needed.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

YJ Build

Few pics of a friends 4.0L build for his YJ. R&I (remove and install for you non-techs) is being done by Down East Offroad, and machine and head work is being performed by H&F Performance. I've used both companies for many repairs, and in my opinion, are some of/if not the best in their fields of expertise! They are both located in Wilson NC.

He opted out of a stroker build, but the block is bored 30 over with oversized pistons. Custom headwork is completed with a port match and polish along with roller rockers and matched camshaft. All of the stock electronics, sensors, and modules will be retained for relibility. Never know when you might need to borrow a friends extra crankshaft position sensor to get your junk cranked on the trail! Nothing worse than needing to borrow an apple...and all your friends have oranges!

I'm just glad to see another 4.0 saved. Too often these things are replaced with whatever 350/351 v8 that happens to be rusting nearby. Don't get me wrong, I love a small block as much as anyone, but the name of this game is functionality and reliabiltiy.

Pure engine porn


Fall from Grace, on TWO levels

I haven’t been following the Megaupload ordeal that’s been all in the press recently. His name is Kim Schmitz, aka, Kim Dotcom.

He figured out a way to create a new “Napster”…and he just got busted in a big way. Through some international commerce law, they just raided this dude’s ball’n-ass mansion in New Zealand, and tossed him in jail pending an investigation etc.
So…why should any of this matter to you? After all, If your browsing this site your probably into guns, jeeps, the outdoors, videogames, violent rap music and a whole host of other testosterone heavy hobbies. Well…I’ll tell you why this guy might just matter a teeny-tiny-bit…cause this cat held the #1 spot on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
That’s right, in between buying yachts, mansions, and running a pirated music and video empire…he was a hardcore gamer and obviously poured countless hours into his craft. He had almost 182,000 kills, same as the current estimated population of Salt Lake City Utah, with a kill/death ratio of 2.10. He performed the feat not long after the game release last year, under the gamertag MEGARACER,  and even held a party to commemorate the event. He didn’t cheat or hack the system either, Xbox live confirmed it.
Here's the vid he shot to verify the win, dude's living room is off the hook!

No doubt, he’s a criminal who’s made a fortune from stealing copyrighted material. But he did hold the top spot in CODMW3…and that earns him a little street cred far as I’m concerned. I've paid my dues on more first person shooters than I care to admit, but i'm no where near this guys level.
Life must be really sucking for Kim Dotcom now. After holding the title longer than anyone else, he just lost it to a player named Arazos. Seems like they don't have Xbox in jail...and he can't keep his game up...bummer

Sunday, January 22, 2012

FYBOR 2011 Pics!

Just a couple pics that Baby D took during the Freeze Your Balls Off Run 2011. These really stood out from the rest, and are a testiment to the boys skill with a camera.

I'm getting cold just looking at'em

Making fire without tools?

Whew…what a weekend. And what a busy time it’s been after the first of the year!
All in all, the annual "Freeze your balls off run" was a success. There were a few key people who couldn’t make it, but overall we had a relaxed weekend. I managed to break both of my rear taillight assemblies (backing out of our camping spot?!?), but it was otherwise damage free.

I left you with the notion that you could create fire with no tools or source of fire. Impossible some might say. It can be done. Follow along as I document the method while Baby D photographs.

First off, bust out them Hoover Flags and represent!

If you pick down to the very bottom corners, you'll find lint. This stuff is almost always dry, burns hot and fast, and makes a great fire starter.

The method is a fire bow. You'll need two dead sticks, preferable hard wood, not pine, to make your base. You'll need one more to use as your spindle. Pine is too sappy and you'll just end up polishing the wood, instead of grinding and creating saw dust. Also try to find sticks that are dry, yet not rotton or the least bit moist...this is most time consuming. For your bow, What type of wood you use dosn't matter, you just want it to be alive and springy!

Now get your shoe laces out. One will be used to make the bow with, the other to hold your base together.

Always stay alert and prepaired, you might have to entertain the local wildlife.

After you lash your base together, start creating your bow. It needs enough tension to hold the spindle, but not so much that it binds. I've found the easiest way to adjust tension is by using an inline slip knot. I wrap the excess around my strong hand and control the tension by leting a little slack into the line.

Next you'll need your spindle. The tip needs to be like a point, and some shaping may be needed to encourage as much surface contact as posible. For those of you not familiar with the firebow method, the object is to grind the spindle into the base using the bow as an instrument to spin the spindle. The bow is much more efficient that using your hands, and in turn, will create a glowing ember much faster.

The goal is to grind away, until you see dust. This saw dust will fall down to the bottom of the notch, and along with the intense heat will create a small ember. directly underneath is where you put that precious comodity you didn't even know you had...pocket lint.

To hold the top of the spindle, I found a rock with an indentation, the same one I used to shape the spindle and gouge out a notch in the base with. Yet when I acutally started to get a rhythm going, it would get wobbily. I ended up using a screw on cap for soda bottle i found laying nearby. It fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. being resourceful, as should you.

Your set up, stance, and posture should similar to this. Now get to it, don't be overbearing on the spindle either. It'll just jam up. The trick is to be relaxed and let your tools do the work. It'll take some time to get the union matched up between the base and spindle, so be patient and work steadily, yet slowly.

When you start seeing smoke, don't get all excited and quit. Your just getting started. You need to grind until all that smoking sawdust starts to collect on it'self and create that so desired little ember!

Once you see the ember drop onto the lint, protect it. You don't need to get face down and start huffing on it just jet. Add some crumbs of dead leaves first, let it build. Once you've got a small little smolder going, pick it up in some dry, very small tender, and lightly breath into it while it's cupped between your hands.

This can be a long process, but once you've done it once, the feeling of satisfaction is like none other. really feels that good