Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's time to WHEEL!!!

In an attempt to post content daily, I'm going to pause till Monday. This weekend is special and I have to prepare. For over 10 years now, a select few and myself camp in freezing temperatures in the North Carolina foothills. Its become known as "The freeze your balls off" run. It largely consists of wheeling the most difficult trails at Uwharrie national forest, shooting at the provided range, and some years...tring not to freeze to death! It's the realist of the real. I have to install a starter, repair some rock lights, pack tools and parts, and generally prepare for the worst...so i'll leave you with this bit of trivia to ponder, and a hint of whats to come.

With the recession and tense political climate going on...I've become interested with the similarities and differences as compared with the great depression. Often times, pictures would show up of people with their pockets turned in-side-out. Almost as if they were trying to express something.

Hoover was president at the time. The little shanty towns that sprung up from coast to coast were called Hoovervilles. The cars being towed by horses because their owners couldn't afford fuel were called Hoovercars. And the depressed people who had nothing left to loose would turn their pockets inside out...they were called Hooverflags. Some historians thought it was simply a way for the common populace to protest their current conditions. Others say it was to prevent the person from being mugged or robbed, by pulling out your pockets, you were indicating that you had nothing to steal. I believe it was an outright cry reserved for the most destitute. And I never want myself or my family to know that feeling.

Regardless, it gave me a idea to write about...and for you the reader, an operuntinity to learn a valuable skill...how to make fire. This weekend, I'll attempt to make fire with no tools what-so-ever...not even a knife...in close to freezing temperatures. I'll literally walk into the woods with nothing in my pockets, just clothes and shoes, and start a fire!

Stay tuned, we're just getting started!




Jeep'n Mark said...

Pretty cold huh? I love the last weekend, desolate and no trail traffic!