Monday, December 5, 2011

11 supercars totaled in seconds

Appears a club of high-end super car owners decided to go for a sunday drive in Japan. When one of them attempted a lane change (no doubt at highspeed), it started a pile-up.

Here are several pics and a link to the article on MSNBC

Could you imagine rolling up on this shortly afterward...or actually seeing it take place...the pics are heartbreaking enough.

Heres a link to the story over on MSNBC

The Japanese Traffic Spokesperson that was interviewed said, "It was a gathering of narcissists"

You my friend are a hater. If you've got stupid money and want to ball out in badass cars, I support you. Come pick me up...I've always wanted to do donuts in a Lambo with the doors open, while standing on the roof shooting two pistols! GHOST RIDE THE WHIP!


ECUDove said...

You have inspired me to jump back on the blog scene. So I dusted this bad boy off...

Jeep'n Mark said...

Thats awesome Chuck! I'll head over to your blog and ck it out! I appreciate the props...get the word out HOMEBOY!!!