Friday, December 2, 2011

Bear Grylls Survival Kit...Really?

What I've always wanted...a survival kit put toegether by a tv host who "survives" while having an entire production team follow him. You know, the kind of survival kit that cost 25 dollars, but will prevent me from having to drink my own piss and jump buck naked into freezing water!

I can only hope to get one in my stocking!

Seriously...I have nothing against Bear Grylls. He's getting paid no doubt, especially if he's in the marketing/endorsment game. And I respect that, especially when you get a company like Gerber to back you (the knife company you idiots...not the baby food company). But on the other hand...his show seriously sucks! Call me a "no money having" hater, I'll agree with you.

At least I keep it real.

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